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Thicke Campaign Not Surprised Monsanto Lawyer Endorsed Northey

Monsanto lobbyist, DeCoster lawyer and political power broker Jerry Crawford’s endorsement of Republican incumbent Ag Secretary Bill Northey brings key relationships to light that underscore the need to elect an independent thinker like Francis Thicke as Iowa’s top agriculture official, the campaign said today.

Thicke: Opponent Lacks Leadership, Political Will To Watchdog Egg Industry

Thicke, the Democratic nominee in the Nov. 2 election, said Northey continues to make excuses for failing to exercise his authority, found in Iowa Code Chapter 198, to inspect a feed mill at Wright County Egg believed to be the source of a strain of Salmonella enteritidis that sickened about 1,600 people and led to the recall of a half-billion eggs. Northey has disputed he has such authority and has asked the Iowa Attorney General’s Office to help him understand the law.