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Former Commissioner of Agriculture, Texas, Endorses Thicke, Slams Northey

Jim Hightower’s endorsement:

“In Iowa’s election for Secretary of Agriculture, the choice couldn’t be clearer. On one hand you’ve got Francis Thicke, who has worked as a dairy farmer for 27 years, selling his products locally and actually building the economy. On the other hand, you’ve got Bill Northey who has led a team that invested nearly $1 million in Brazil’s ethanol production. In a world where money talks, maybe Bill Northey should be running for Secretary of Agriculture in Brazil.”

Northey Uses Big Ag Checks To Take Message To Voters

Thicke asks opponent to talk directly to people through debates FAIRFIELD, Iowa, October 18, 2010 – Iowa Agriculture Secretary candidate Francis Thicke called on his opponent to take the campaign to voters through debates, rather than through media paid for by Big Ag. Thicke has accepted invitations to debate incumbent Bill Northey four more times [...]

Thicke: Local control over CAFO siting is ‘democracy in action’

Secretary of Agriculture Candidate Francis Thicke responded by saying “Bill Northey is wrong and Terry Branstad is selling Iowan’s short,” and that “It is clear they don’t want you to have a say in what goes on in your community.”

Listen To The Secretary of Agriculture Radio Debate

Learn more about the key differences between the candidates. Listen to the debate between Francis Thicke and Bill Northey, recorded on October 7th. Moderated by Kerry Cathcart, the debate was originally webcast on KMGO. Listen to the entire debate: [audio:] Listen to each candidate articulate their vision for agriculture: [audio:] Francis Thicke has accepted four [...]

Ag Secretary Candidates to Debate Oct. 7; Event Will be Webcast

Thicke accepted Northey’s invitation to debate Sept. 11 at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Northey’s home territory. The Thicke campaign reciprocated, inviting Northey to Thicke’s hometown of Fairfield to take questions in a multimedia debate sponsored by the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce, the Fairfield Ledger and KRUU Radio, all of Fairfield; and KTVO News and the Ottumwa Courier, both of Ottumwa.

Thicke Lays Out Action Plan To Return Integrity To Iowa-Produced Eggs

Ag secretary challenger calls for adoption of regulatory framework that has worked successfully in Maine for 22 years SPENCER, Iowa, September 11, 2010 – Iowa Secretary of Agriculture candidate Francis Thicke (pronounced TICK-ee) today proposed regulatory framework modeled after a program that has been used successfully in Maine for 22 years to return integrity to [...]

Northey Can Find Feed Mill Oversight in Chapter 198

Mr. Northey should reread Iowa Code Chapter 198 which specifies that a mill that sells feed or provides feed to a contract feeder is subject to licensing and inspection. By Iowa law, the contaminated mill should have been licensed and inspected.

Democrat Francis Thicke says Iowa Ag Secretary should step up, take responsibility

Bill Northey denies that he has any authority related to the contaminated eggs, and he has given no indication that he wants authority in this arena.

Francis Thicke: Egg recall exposes vulnerabilities in industrial food system

Northey has touted egg production from hens in battery cages as an economic boom to Iowa and boasts that a single battery-cage facility in Iowa produces all of the eggs for McDonald’s restaurants west of the Mississippi River.

Thicke Steps into Current Iowa Ag Secretary’s Backyard

Francis Thicke steps into the current Ag secretary’s backyard to meet voters. Bill Northey, the Republican incumbent, is known for advocating the benefits of corporate monopolies in our food systems. Bill Northey accepts contributions from known predatory seed manipulation companies and monopolies.