Thicke Campaign Continues to Line Up Big Name Endorsements

by Press Release

DES MOINES, IA (October 27, 2010) –As we enter the final week of the election season, Secretary of Agriculture candidate Francis Thicke received several high profile endorsements. These endorsements include in-state and national figures including: US Senator Tom Harkin, best-selling author Michael Pollan, environmental expert Bill McKibben, and former Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower.

McKibben said of Thicke:

“Iowa has always focused the nation’s agricultural vision. We need Francis Thicke to help frame that new vision, right in the Heartland. Agriculture has begun to change around the margins in the United States, but Francis Thicke could make sure that it started to change right from the center.”

The idea that Thicke has fresh ideas for where Iowa agriculture can go is a theme among all endorsers, particularly Robert Kenner, Director of Food Inc., who argued that:

“Francis Thicke has a vision for how our agricultural system can work that will benefit our communities, our farmers and the consumer. He is a game changer who can fix our agricultural system.”

Of the endorsements, Thicke commented:

“I’m happy so much national attention is being paid to our race. But in the end this will come down to whose message connects with voters here in Iowa. We’re talking about growing our local economies, making farming more profitable, and helping the country break its reliance on foreign oil.”

Other endorsements include best-selling author Wendell Berry, former Director of the Leopold Center, Fred Kirschenmann, founder of the Land Institute Wes Jackson, the University of Iowa, and the Iowa State Daily.


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  1. I am passing through town and having a book signing at Prairie LIghts Bookstore on Sunday at 2 pm. My book is called “Growing Roots: The New Generation of Sustainable Ffarmers, Cooks and Food Activists. It’s all about what Frances Thicke is about: 58 young people who are involved in different aspects of the sustainable food movement. At the book signing I will mention my strong feelings about how lucky Iowans are to have the real chance to change the face of agriculture by voting for FrancIs Thicke. Wish I had that opportunity.